Congratulations! Your answers reflect the Firm Spaniel Parenting Style

As a Firm Parent we suspect you:

✅ Have been the trainer and rule enforcer since your Spaniel was a puppy
✅ Expect, and take pride in, an obedient, well-mannered dog
✅ Take your Spaniel to regular obedience or agility trials
✅ Expect your dog to see you as the “alpha” of the pack
✅ Have established clear boundaries for your dog about where they sleep (not on your bed!)
✅ Are unlikely to take your dog everywhere with you, expecting them to be quite content at home
✅ Only reward your dog for compliance

Your Spaniel may be:

♥️ Extremely well behaved
♥️ Often alert for their next instruction and therefore unable to fully relax
♥️ Intently focussed on you
♥️ Somewhat reserved (especially around people other than you)

You love your Spaniel but are not overly demonstrative with your affections. Being a Spaniel, your dog always wants to please you, and there’s a strong bond between you. 

Tips for your Style

★ It’s okay to let your dog “be a dog” sometimes. Take them to the dog park and let them run with other dogs for a while. Or play a game with them purely for fun, without any rules
★ Take time to relax with your Spaniel and just enjoy their company
★ Give your dog time to rest without expecting your next command
★ Give them occasional treats for no reason other than a treat
★ Show them affection just because you love them, not only because they’re doing what they’re told 


Your results are a general indication of your Spaniel parenting style, which can be reflected in your dog’s personality and behaviour. Whatever your style, you want a happy, confident and healthy dog.