Congratulations! Your answers reflect the Pragmatic Spaniel Parenting Style

As a Pragmatic Parent we suspect you:

✅ Think a dog is a dog. They shouldn’t be treated as a child
✅ Look after them well but don’t go overboard with things like toys
Think it’s silly to kiss or dress a dog
✅ May prefer that your Spaniel spends most of their time outdoors
✅ Buy sensible food, treats and beds
✅ Don’t believe in spoiling a dog
✅ Are unlikely to take them out with you often
✅ Make the humans in your home your first priority, naturally

You care for your Spaniel but you consider them a pet, not something to dote on.  

Your Spaniel may be:
♥️ Self-contained and reserved
♥️ Looking to you for just the basics, like food and shelter
♥️ Content with things as they are

Tips for your style
★ Spaniels thrive when they can spend time with their owners and are often happiest indoors. Look for signs that your Spaniel may be unhappy (like listlessness and howling) and may need a little more attention or time inside with you.
★ Take time to play with them or buy them toys they can play with on their own. If you’re a busy parent with children, get the children involved playing with their dog (under your supervision, of course).
Your results are a general indication of your Spaniel parenting style, which can be reflected in your dog’s personality and behaviour. Whatever your style, you want a happy, confident and healthy dog.