Congratulations! Your answers reflect the Doting Spaniel Parenting Style

 As a Doting Spaniel parent, we suspect, you probably:

✅ Love to spoil your fur baby with the best toys, beds and treats
✅ Cook their meals for them, and maybe feed them a few too many treats from time to time
✅ Let your pup sleep in your bed, of course. Why wouldn’t you?
✅ Pamper them at the groomers with luxe treatments
✅ Have a doggy wardrobe for every occasion
✅ Let them get away with anything. They’re so cute, right?
✅ Have an Instagram account just for your pup

Your Spaniel may be:

♥️ A delightfully carefree doggo who occasionally goes a little wild
♥️ A mischievous soul, tearing up toys and toilet paper or digging up the garden
♥️ A little unpredictable in how they respond to commands
♥️ Trying to push the boundaries of acceptable behaviour, like stealing food or jumping on a table

And, best of all, your Spaniel adores you!

Tips for your Style

★ You'll have a better-behaved companion if you set some consistent rules. A little bit of discipline can help set boundaries for your Spaniel, especially when they’re out and about with you. Boundaries are useful for you and your pup and a few rules won’t hurt them; they may even help strengthen your bond. If this is something you can’t manage on your own, some training, such as joining a local dog training group, could help. Make sure you choose trainers who use positive reinforcement.

★ It’s great to have fun with your dog, but it’s useful to learn to read the signs that tell you when they become overstimulated. That’s when their emotions take over and they become more unpredictable. When you notice that happening, try to calm down the situation by ending the game.

★ Keep buying, or cooking them, the best food but go easy on the treats. You want your pup to stay healthy, not to become overweight.

The quiz results are a very general indication of your Spaniel parenting style. This style can be reflected in your dog’s personality and behaviour.

Whatever your style, you want to make sure you a happy, confident and healthy dog