Congratulations! Your answers reflect the Balanced Spaniel Parenting Style

As a Balanced parent, we suspect you:

✅ Enjoy having your dog with you wherever you go and seek out dog-friendly cafes and beaches
✅ Consider your dog very much a part of your family
✅ Take you Spaniel on holidays with you
✅ Ensure that your Spaniel has basic training and is well socialised with people and other dogs
✅ Are pretty relaxed with your dog at home, but they don’t rule the house or have social behaviour issues like stealing food or jumping on visitors
✅ Take an active interest in keeping them healthy, with regular vet checks

Your parenting type is probably the most balanced and happiest of all. You love your dog; they love you, but they also understand their boundaries.

Your Spaniel may be:

♥️ A happy, confident dog
♥️ Loving going places with you and may struggle when left on their own
♥️ Very bonded to you as their owner

Tips for your style

★ In addition to having your company, make sure your Spaniel gets lots of mental stimulation, in the form of puzzles and games
★ If your Spaniel struggles with separation anxiety, consider behavioural training that will teach your pup to stay calm when you can’t be with them
★ Make sure your Spaniel feels happy and safe with other family members and friends as well. Ask them to feed your dog or play games with them to increase their bond with people other than yourself.  
Your results are a general indication of your Spaniel parenting style, which can be reflected in your dog’s personality and behaviour. Whatever your style, you want a happy, confident and healthy dog.