About Us


women with black cocker spaniel


This is me with the inspiration for this store, Benji, my beautiful English Cocker Spaniel. He's the store mascot, product expert, tester and my buddy. 

Like many Cockers he loves to be with his humans all the time. That means we take him on short trips, holidays, and even sailing. I'm sure we're not alone. 



Spending time at home or travelling with your furry friends is very common these days. I wanted to create a one-stop-shop for pet lovers who want to make their pets happy, secure and comfortable in the home or on the road.
So Wild Heart Pets was born. A small, Australian owned business looking to provide a quality selection of products to make your cat or dog feel happy and look amazing.

I'm also a trained vet nurse, so my love of animals has been with me for some time. I'd love all your comments and feedback about our products. We'll work to provide better and better products for your dog and cat.