The best dog (Spaniel) food to make your four legged friend happy and healthy

It’s no secret: Spaniels love their food. If you’re not careful you can overfeed them quite easily. Too much overfeeding and the result is an overweight pooch who isn’t happy nor healthy. One who isn’t living up to the breed’s inherent characteristics of liveliness and suffering from very few health ailments. Similarly, a Spaniel that eats the wrong kind of food can acquire health issues such as skin and coat problems, gut imbalances, and dental issues. That’s why it is essential to only give your Spaniel food that is nutritious and balanced. So, what exactly is the best dog food for your Spaniel?

Here is how to ensure your four-legged companion is getting all of the proper nutrients to help it stay happy and healthy.

Spaniel food should be balanced and come from natural ingredients

Apart from noticing they’re looking a little chubby, how else can you tell your dog’s food isn’t agreeing with them? The condition of their skin and coat. A dog’s skin and coat is an overall reflection of their internal health. If you notice your Spaniel’s skin and coat looking a bit dull or, worse still, they are losing hair or have dry, red skin, it might be because of their food intake. Spaniel food that is low in quality, or lacks in certain nutrients can cause skin and coat problems. The tip here is to ensure your dog eats a balanced diet made up of natural ingredients.

Not only is protein essential, but so too are the essential fatty acids, vitamins (A, B-complex, E) and minerals (zinc). A clean and balanced diet will help clean up skin and coat conditions by soothing gut imbalances. Did you know it is a myth that rotating your dog’s protein can cause them to have an upset stomach? In fact, rotational feeding can actually prevent your dog from developing food allergies!

How to find the best dog food

What's consider "the best" dog food such a complex issue, with so many varied options. Kibble? Raw diet? Freeze-dried? Make your own? Grain-free?

So many options! How do you navigate them all?

1. Decide whether your pup has an issue with their current diet. If your Spaniel’s coat is looking a little worse for wear or if it’s farting excessively or doing smelly poos, you could be looking at a dog with a gut imbalance. If this is the case for your dog, it’s time to do some research.

2. Compare different types of dog food brands. This site is a brilliant place to start comparing different types of dog food.

3. Select a couple of food options within your budget. 

4. Test your chosen foods with your dog by switching them over gradually by combining their existing food with new food for a few days. 

5. Watch for your dog enjoying the food or for any unwanted effects from the food, mainly diarrhoea. If the food agrees with your pup, you should see an improvement in the shininess of their coat, their breath smell could improve, they may itch less, and their poos will be firm and regular. 

Continue this process until you find the most suitable food for your Spaniel. Spending time looking for a better food source for your dog is absolutely worth it. Your pup's future health and happiness depends on it.

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