• Managing anxiety in dogs

    Ben suffers from separation anxiety. He’s so totally bonded to me that I rarely leave him at home. When I do, he has someone he knows with him and this doesn’t always help completely. He’s still stressed about where I am.

    Given this situation, I wanted to understand more about anxiety in dogs and in particular how to help Ben, so I attended Vicki Austin’s One Day Workshop – Helping Anxious Dogs.  

  • Why does my dog eat too fast and what can I do about it? 4 options to turn your pooch into a slow feeder.

    When it comes to meal-time does your Spaniel exhibit refined dining etiquette? Or is it more like Pig the Pug (who wolfs down his food so fast he a...
  • Is a Cocker Spaniel puppy right for you?

    Have you always dreamed about getting a Cocker Spaniel puppy? Why wouldn't you? They are adorable, but are they the perfect pet for your lifestyle? The answer is yes! Providing you have time to spend with a dog that needs to constantly be with people, and the time to care for its luscious coat and delightfully floppy ears.
  • 5 Tips to Change Your Dog's Barking Habits

    Dogs bark. That’s how they communicate. But when the occasional bark becomes incessant, barking quickly becomes unbearable. If it bothers you, you're probably not alone. Everyone who hears their never-ending barking will also find it annoying.

    What can you do to deal with problem barking? We've got five tips for you, and we hope they make a difference in how your pup behaves. 

  • 5 ways to stop your dog eating too fast

    Spaniels love their food! They can inhale their meal in a few quick bites. But eating too fast isn’t good for them. It may even cause medical problems for your pup. The good news is there are simple ways to slow down their eating and avoid potential problems. Even better, those other options are much more fun for your dog.
  • 10 Steps for successfully toilet training your puppy

     Imagine being just a few weeks old, taken away from your siblings and dropped into unfamiliar surroundings. Scary, right? That’s how your puppy fe...
  • Does a Cocker Spaniel Shed?

    In a word: yes. But the amount of shedding varies from one Cocker to the next and depends on the Cocker Spaniel type.
    Let's talk about what this means and how to take care of that beautiful luscious coat.
  • Talking to Julie from Bonza Dog Treats about Wild Heart Pets

    Recently, I had the opportunity to have a fun chat with Julie Black from Bonza Dog Treats. Julie sells a huge range of healthy Australian made dog treats, so it was great to talk to her about my business and why I started doing what I do. I though I would share it with you so you get to know me better.
  • Dog Food Allergies: How to spot and treat them

    Does your adorable fur baby sometimes drive you mad with bouts of seemingly never-ending scratching, gnawing and licking their coat? Or have you found yourself regularly cleaning up delightful puddles of doggy diarrhoea or vomit (or both)? All this is upsetting for you and your pup. So, what's the possible cause?
  • Teething Puppies: A Survival Guide

    If you find your puppy whining, drooling or chewing more than usual, there may be an obvious reason: your puppy is teething.

    Bringing an eight-week-old puppy home is exciting. They’re so adorable, right? Until you discover you've brought home a cute, doe-eyed chewing machine. Cords, shoes, socks, anything on the floor is in danger of being gnawed by this mini munching monster.

    Let's look at how you (and your pup) can survive and even thrive during this period of their growth.

  • Toxic Food for Dogs: Grapes, Raisins and Sultanas

    There's so much Christmas food that's not good for your Spaniel. Find out what food to avoid in this blog post.
  • Toxic Food for Dogs: Chocolate

    Many common human foods should not be fed to dogs. Knowing what human foods are harmful to your Spaniel, will mean you can avoid any possible poisoning.

    This this article we'll discuss the toxic effects of chocolate, the signs your Spaniel may be affected and want you can do to prevent chocolate poisoning.